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Welcome To Bid Knight!

Before we start, let us say we're pleased you’re taking the time to see how our Auction Marketplace works. Our goal is to give you a successful understanding of our auction model so you can win or purchase the products you need at incredible savings!   YOU are why we're here and we want to make BidKnight a truly fun & money saving experience that keeps you coming back time & again.

First if you're not already registered it's quick and easy so please go do that now. We promise we'll be here when you get back. Go on now...we'll wait

Ok, now that you're all signed up let's look at the 3 basic steps that will get you started playing & winning!

  1. Buy Bids - Each bid costs approx. 60 cents and are sold in convenient Bid Packs. If this is your first time registering, you’ve already received 10 FREE BIDS and you can get your hands on more by joining our Facebook community! We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover as well as Bitcoins (coinbase). All of your purchased and free bids are stored safely in your "My Account" page.
  2. Select Auctions - Ask yourself "What do I need or REALLY want?" A new flat screen TV, a new set of premium luggage, a new computer, or maybe an espresso machine? You can also easily browse our site to see what items are available. At BidKnight you'll find many top tier items you’ll want to own and our product inventory includes some of the hottest consumer items and useful gift cards you’ll find anywhere.
  3. BID! - So NOW you're ready to get in the action to Play, Win & Cash In! TM Simply click on the "PLACE YOUR BID" button on each auction you wish to get in on. Each bid raises the auction by ONE PENNY and one of your prepaid bids will be deducted from your account each time you place a bid. Notice that the clock restarts with each bid and signals that other bidders want to participate.The last bidder wins the auction! Yes, it's that simple!

    Please note that once a bid is placed, it has been used and is not returned to you if you do not win.

Buy It Now

With our "Buy Now" program, your prepaid bids will never go to waste even if you don't win your selected auction. Here's an example of how you can use our "Buy Now" feature to your advantage:

  1. You buy a 50 bid package -- 50 bids at say $30
  2. You join an auction and place 25 bids as you compete to win a $50 product but you're outbid by another bidder.
  3. Your 25 bids cost you $15.00 (or 25 bids at 60 cents each).
  4. Well don't fret because even if you lost the auction, you can still buy the desired item for $35.00, or $50 minus the value of your bids ($15.00).
  5. When you see a "Buy Now" below the "Place Bid" on the auction table, (see diagram to the right) you can buy it at the Buy Now price, minus all your Real Bids used in that specific auction. That way, win or lose, you can still put your prepaid bids to use!

Please note that you have to make at least one bid to participate in that item's "Buy Now" option. The "Buy Now" option only applies to purchased bids, aka Real Bids and not voucher bids, which are won or earned. Voucher bids have ZERO Buy It Now value and can not reduce the price of items.

Why Do We Have Win Limits? Well, They Help Spread Around The Wins!

There are "win limits" in place that prevent one user from winning too many auctions in a designated time period. A user may only win two items per 24 hour period (starting with the first win) and four items per seven day period. Upon winning the second item in one 24 hour period, the user will not be able to place any additional bids on any current auctions until 24 hours after their first win passes. The same concept applies to the weekly limit as well.  There are also limits on how often you can win certain auctions or how much you can win in dollars terms - (please review the terms of service linked below for more detail). Our goal here is to respect the skill of experienced bidders while giving winning opportunities for all levels of bidders.